Weekly Bulletin: Learning Some New Moves

Proving the old saying: Those who can, do.

The three week mark to the annual demonstration is nearly upon us, and we couldn't be more excited. March 17th is the big day, with registration for the demo at 1pm and the demo starting at 2pm. The venue is the St. George Reception Centre located at 70 Stott St in Thornbury. Get out your calendar and circle this date, both for you and your family, and dust off the video camera to make sure you catch your loved one in all their glory.
If you don't know what an annual demo is, remember that every member of the dojo is expected to participate, so you'll have a chance to experience it firsthand. Be sure not to miss a class, as there will be something new to learn for everyone.
Also, for those interested, we are doing a bulk order of hakama, so write your name and size on the sheet at the front desk. This year's styles include navy blue and black and are sure to be a hit on a Saturday afternoon.

For the Juniors,

Calling all kids! Demonstration practice has begun and we need YOU to help us make the 2013 demo as great as previous years. Tell your parents to keep the 17th of March free to watch you on the mats, showing your best technique to everyone. Remember, you have to tell us if you're unable to participate, otherwise we expect you to!

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