Aikido is an excellent martial art for children.

It improves co-ordination, self-confidence and discipline while being active and great for fitness.


Aikido is an excellent martial art for children. It improves co-ordination, self-confidence and discipline while being active and great for fitness. At the Shudokan we have been teaching children this traditional Japanese martial art for over 30 years, and the expericenced and passionate instructors are ready and waiting to help your child develop their full potential through Aikido 



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The strong philosophy behind Aikido enables young people and children to learn an effective martial art, without being encouraged to fight or develop aggression. Training includes lots of ukemi (tumbling and rolling), practicing techniques with a partner, and activities and games to support the learning of focus, co-ordination, balance and harmony, which are principles central to martial arts. Our classes are fast-paced, action-packed and fun. Aikido is non-competitive and there is no sparring or fighting in training. Instead, children work together to learn this unique martial art in a co-operative and safe environment.

As well as increasing fitness and co-ordination, training Aikido helps children develop and practice a wide range of transferable skills. The opinion we have at the Shudokan is that what you learn in the dojo should  be something your child can take outside into their every day lives, not just an entertaining co-curricular activity. Social skills, confidence, discipline, focus, conflict resolution, resilience, respect, team work, leadership and communication skills are developed through our children's program. These are not skills children are born with or can learn in an academic sense by simply reading or talking about them. Our children's martial art program provides an opportunity to learn about and practice these skills in a practical setting through Aikido training, under the watchful and supportive eye of our dedicated instructors.  

Co-operation and friendship across all ages
While it might seem surprising that learning a martial art can actually improve team work and co-operation skills, it's definitely something our parents notice a marked improvement in. All children train together in our children's classes, regardless of age, rank or ability, providing an opportunity for the development of leadership capabilities, patience and friendship across all ages. There are always a number of quality assistants and well-trained passionate instructors on the mats, allowing beginners to get hands on attention and seniors to be extended and challenged when appropriate. 

Leaders in their art and passionate about educating young people
All our instructors are qualified black belts and well-developed and capable martial artists in their own right. With vast teaching experience, including  teaching Aikido and self defence to school students throughout Melbourne, traveling overseas and interstate to teach and participate in seminars and events, our instructors are leaders in the art of Aikido and eager to pass on the wealth of knowledge they have gained through their studies and experiences. We often have guest instructors from around the world visit and train with us, keeping us connected and at the forefront of the worldwide Aikido community. Many of our instructors have grown up with Aikido, participating in the children's program themselves. Their passion and enthusiasm for working with children and helping young people enjoy and learn from martial arts as they have, is what sets them apart from the rest. We keep our instructor-student ratio to a low level, ensuring safety and an effective learning environment. Because of the physical nature of martial arts, the hands-on and personal approach we are renown for, is the most effective way for students to learn.


So if you're looking for a martial art for your child or an active co-curricular activity with a difference, come in and speak to one of our friendly instructors today or book your child in for a no-obligation Intro Class. We look forward to hearing from you. 
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Here's a letter from the family of a couple of young students who have recently moved out of Melbourne.
Dear Joe, Enrica and the whole dojo community,
We just want to let you know how much you have given Lucas and Jay over the years as they have trained with you. The aikido training has given them so much: self defence skills, physical development and strength, discipline, greater confidence and sense of self worth and being comfortable in their own bodies.
The dojo provided a safe place where respect and dignity are honoured and practised and where relationships and trust grow and strengthen. There is a quality in the dojo which is recognised as soon as you enter, a feeling of coming home. We thank you for all your hard work and dedication, for your care and your committment.
We will miss our regular visits, watching with joy as we see not only our grandsons, but all the children get so much from being at the dojo.
So thank-you!
Warm regards,
Barb & Dave

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