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We had a great 4 days at the dojo over the July school holidays. It was great to have new Springvale instructor Adrian on board and running the days as he brought lots of new ideas and fun ping pong ball inspired games to the days. He definitely had a good night sleep after each day too.

Aikido Shudokan Jiyuwaza Competition 2017

Saturday 22nd July

Springvale Dojo, 3/52 Smith Road, Springvale

All participants must be on the mats and in your dogi ready for a 2:00pm Start!


Exciting News from the team at Aiki-insights!! Their first live webinar will be held on Sunday 9th July at 3pm,

Test results from the test held at the Heidelberg dojo on 24th of June 2017. Congratulations to those who passed their test! Osu!

Test results from the Children's test held at the Springvale dojo on 24th of June 2017. Congratulations to those who passed their test! Osu!

Chida-Shihan’s demonstrations and clinics are much sought-after both throughout Japan and around the world.

The adults grading for 10th-4th Kyu will be held at the Heidelberg Dojo on Saturday 24th June.

The Following Gradings will take place on Saturday 24th of June at Heidelberg and Springvale. It is imperative that everyone participating arrives in time for the briefing as this will explain, in detail, how the test will be run.

The week after the grading we will start the school holiday schedule. From 1st July to 16th July

Practice has already begun for the upcoming grading on 24th June. Test booklets have started to go out and are due back on 12th June.

There will be a black belt class at the Heidelberg dojo on 23rd June at 7:45.

Over the Queen's Birthday we will have classes as normal on Saturday. However, on Monday 12th

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