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Check out our Schedule over the Australia day weekend. We will only be closed on Tuesday 26th for the Public Holiday

On 26th January both dojo (Heidelberg and Springvale) will be closed for the public holiday. Classes will be as normal on Saturday 23rd and at Heidelberg on Monday 25th. For Springvale Juniors we will resume our regular schedule a few days earlier, on Thursday 28th at 5:30pm.

Welcome Simon and the Public Holiday BBQ

If you're lamenting missing a day of training why don't you try the triple class challenge on 23rd? Come down to Heidelberg for the 12:00-1:00, 1:30-2:30 and then the icing on the cake at Springvale 4:00-5:30 then refuel with a 'sports drink' and some good company at the Springvale dojo. It's a right of passage for anyone who hasn't done it before (and for those who have, you know you need to work off that extra slice of plum pudding) If you are coming for the bbq please let us know via email (


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