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On 17th February Joe Sensei will be conducting a special advanced class open to Shodan and above. Due to this special training session there will be no classes at Springvale and only 10:30 Childrens class and 12:00 Adults class at Heidelberg.


This special class will be a session for black belts only, focussing on the syllabus for the year and technical guidance specifically for your level. It will also be followed by a meeting to discuss the future and direction of the dojo in 2018. Joe Sensei kindly requests the presence of all black belts and instructors. 

Date: Saturday 17th February

Time: Class- 1:30-3:00

         Meeting- 3:00 onwards

Location: Heidelberg Dojo


All the junior grades, enjoy the day off and have a happy Chinese New Year. 

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