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Congratulations to all the students from Heidelberg dojo who graded on 14th Dcember 2019. The following students have been promoted:

8th Kyu

Ella Dang

Samantha Dang

Felix Echevarria-Lang

Selby Oliver Thompson

Esther Warren


 7th Kyu

Maximus Farsoun

Emily Robson

Aiden Sferopoulos


 6th Kyu

Bhavneet Kang

Bowen Kerr

Jacob Lindgren


5th Kyu

Abdulkadir Yonis Abdulkadir

Sean Adi-Purnomo*

Simon Adi-Purnomo*

Connot Westcott


4th Kyu

Kavi Randhawa

Tammy Tran


Samuel Ang


3rd Kyu

Olivia Angilletta

Ayub Yonis Ibrahim

Hannah Ibrahim

Evelyn Teng


Abigail Hsiao


2nd Kyu


Georgio Bogdanis


1st Kyu

Lachlan Hsiao


Lewis Chen


Tested by:

Enrica Cheung Sensei

Alia Nicholls Sensei

Quynh Duong Sensei

Ivy Hsieh Sensei

Greg Hsiao Sensei


* Tested on alternate date

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