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Check out a round up of these great videos from youtube. Some very interesting discussions

If you haven't followed us on Facebook you may not have seen some of these interesting interviews with our chief instructor Joe Thambu Shihan.

Here's some technical advice from a seminar in Amsterdam. Break the balance then apply pressure, don't do both at the same time

Ever wondered if Aikido really works for self defence? Here's the perspective of a world renound Aikido teacher and 8th dan, who has worked on the doors of nightclubs as one of the smallest bouncers around. What he says might suprise you

Inoue Sensei is a world class teacher who devised the kihondosa we practice today, and has had a huge influence on the development of Yoshinkan Aikido. Check it out here


Bit of a languange warning on this one: Sensei Joe again in Amsterdam talking about the true spirit of Aikido and Budo training. He also sheds some light on the role of uke in training. have a look

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