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Here is a run down of all the important upcoming dates, all in one place. Get your diary out and have a look

20th/21st Feb- Terumi Washizu Sensei: Gyokushin Ryu Seminar

On this day there will be no classes at either the Heidelberg of Springvale dojo for juniors or seniors

20th-21st February.The founder of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido and sutemi master will be conducting his first ever tour to Australia on the weekend of February 20-21, 2016. Don’t miss this extremely rare opportunity to learn the fascinating techniques of Gyokushin Ryu Aikido and seamlessly incorporate these techniques into your aikido.

Terumi Washizu Sensei

Kaiso Gyokushin Ryu Aikido

7th dan Shihan Yoseikan Aikido

To reserve a spot or for further information, please email


26th Feb- Black Belt Class

from 7:45-8:45 there will be a special class at the Heidelberg dojo for students Shodan and above.

12th & 14th March- Labour Day Weekend

On Saturday 12th March all classes will be as normal, but there will be a special schedule on Monday 14th March. At Heidelberg there will only be one class 6:30-7:30, for test practice (no Children's class or afternoon class). At Springvale there will be a 7:00-8:00 test practice class for all levels.

19th March- All Levels Grading for Adults

All Senior students are welcome to grade, but please start preparing yourself early.

30th April- Annual Demonstration

The biggest event on the Shudokan calendar. Last year we had the biggest demonstration ever with over 300 people in attendance. This year we hope to put on a show that is bigger and better than ever. Keep this date free so you can come along and be involved

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