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What a day it was on Sunday! We had over 160 participants shine through their demonstrations with the intense work of the past four weeks paying off.

We saw students as young as 6 years old and newly minted 7th Kyu students be courageous enough to step in front of a full-house and do their Aikido. There were also old hands who were doing their 20th demonstration and the subtlety with which they applied techniques powerfully was a sight to behold. Congratulations to everyone who participated and also a big congratulations to the students who took home the following awards:


Kihon Waza Competition

Runners Up: Lucas Chen and Dorothea Lam

Champions: Liem Tran and Eric Nguyen-Truong


Jiyu Waza Competition

Runners Up: Adam Hoddinott, Quynh Duong, Tu Cam Le and Kelly Van

Champions: Samuel Brown, Marko Mitrovic, Kaito von Fischer and Sayuka Yum


Special Award

Jiyuwaza Team 01 - Heidelberg: Lucas Chen, Dorothea Lam, Henry Wallace, Esteban Forster

Jiyuwaza Team 05 - Heidelberg: Miro Forster, Olivia Bogdanis, Sunday Booth, Vianna Lam


Student of the Year

Albury Junior: Jake Huggard

Albury: Olga Slivinska

Williamstown: Marin Xhano

Springvale Junior: Ryan Ly

Springvale: Tu Cam Le

Heidelberg Junior: Vianna Lam

Heidelberg: Lena Lee

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